Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

An eight week home based online course for learning mindfulness strategies and approaches for stress-management and well-being in your life.
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Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

Mindfulness for Stress Reduction - 8 week Online Course

Reduce your stress - Increase the ability to focus

Learn more about yourself and the way you react to different situations in your life and how you could choose to respond more calmly and creatively.

Situationsoften arise that we thinkmake us stressed. For instance you may be stuck in a traffic jam or your mobile network connection is bad, the computer crashes, your “to do” list is so full you feel overwhelmed or you just feel sad and depressed over something that has happened or you fearmay happen.

Stress often seemsconnected to other people. You may feel angry, irritated or frustrated with someone. This is our real and direct experience of what is happeningand we feel we can’t do much about it. It is just this that often causes unnecessary stress. However, by responding to what happened with different thoughts, feelings and judgments we can reduce stress.

For example, let's say that you are under pressure; you need to complete a job within a certain time. You may be thinking, "I will never get it done in time," “why did I agreed to do this?” Along with feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, bitterness, we may have judgmental thoughts like "This is a stupid job “ (judgmental thoughts about the job), or" I'm useless at this "(judgmental thoughts about yourself).

These kind of reactions often tend to multiply or escalate your stress. One thought leads to more thoughts, which lead to more unpleasant feelings then more judgmental thoughts. This obsessive way of functioning creates a situation we get stuck in and suddenly there are several problems we are trying to solve.

Mindfulness training teaches you to look at your thoughts and understand what emotions kick-off in you. Our training will enable you to make more conscious and perhaps wiser decisions. It is then you who decides what you will do next. Through mindfulness training you will also learn to focus and be able to handle everyday distractions more effectively. You then become more creative and constructive in your daily life.

The benefits of mindfulness are now very well proven and new research articles are being published continuously (about 800 per year).

It is not just the stress and pressure that is the problem in society today, but the lack of time and resources for recovery. With our online courses, you can recover with two 10-minute practices a day as well as consciously train your brain.

How does the training work?

This mindfulness course is designed so you can train on you own with the intuitive program we have developed. Mindfulness for Stress Reduction is a program that includes 8 stages (weeks). Training takes place 2 times per day, 10 minutes each session. You can complete the training using your smart phone, tablet or on your computer.

The training program includes:

  • A stress test that you can choose to complete before and after the program.
  • Mindfulness Exercises: Body scanning, breathing anchor, mindful movements, sitting meditations
  • Everyday Exercises: Sitting still, listening to noises around you, becoming aware of your body
  • Documentation - where you can learn more about stress and simple everyday exercises.
  • Diary Templates – Where you can record your experience and choose intentions and outcomes you would like to achieve.

Throughout the program you can stop and start wherever you are up to and repeat any session you have already covered.


£55 (inc. VAT)

After completing the program, you can repeat the exercises as many times you wish. There is no limitation in time.

Contact us about Mindfulness for Health Online Courses at distancelearning@breathworks.co.uk

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